Have a good meal at the Salzbach!

entreeThe SALZBACH welcomes you :
salle - from May the 1. til November the 1., every day from 9 AM til 8 PM. Closed Thursdays (whole day) and Monday evenings,
- we are closed from November the 12th til December the 25th included, as well as December the 31st and January the 1st of 2019.
- from December the 26th til April the 31., during the weekends and public holidays, only if booked.
Please give us a call : 0033 3 89 77 63 66.

During Wintertime you can visit us only afoot by starting from the Platzerwasel or the Markstein, it will depend on the snow.

The dogs are also welcomed.
 It's better to make a reservation whenever your planning to come visit us.

 The menu is the famous farm-cooked meal, the "repas marcaire" ! It can be different from farm to farm so here what's served at the Salzbach :

  - Meat pie of the Munster Valley with green salad
  - Smoked pallet with grilled potatoes also known as "Roοgebrageldi"
- Some cheese
  - Choice of dessert : Fruitpies (apples, bilberries...) and the famous "Siess Kass" (white Munstercheese from the morning served with sugar, cream and kirsch)

 You can also discover some other Alsatian specialities like the Baeckeoffe or the Fleischschnacka (the specialites are only served at order), beef and vegetables stew and some of the farm products like the Munster cheese, the butter or the "bargkass" (another cheese).

Sandwiches are allowed !


Prices 2018 (in €)charcuterie

Repas Marcaire 19,50 €
Kid's meal
9,50 €
Soup 4,00 €
Meat pie and salad 11,00 €
Meat pie + grilled potatoes + salad 13,050 €
Smoked pallet + grilled potatoes + salad 12,00 €
Cheese 5,00 €
Warmed Munster cheese 10,00 €

Also served the evening :

Plate of assorted delicatessen and cheeses 12,00 €
Plate of cheeses 9,00 €
Bacon or raw ham or delicatessen 6,00 - 9,00 €
Bibala kass (white cheese) 9,00 €
Omelettes 6,50 - 10,00 €
Fruitpies 4,00 €
Bilberriespie 4,50 €
Siess Kass 4,80 €
Meringue with ice and whipped cream 5,80 €
To order
Baeckeoffe - Fleischschnackas - Beef and vegetables stew 18,00 € the meal with dessert