The cows of the Vosges

As soon as May is back, the cows are awaiting to go back to the moutains, they'll stay there from mid-May til the end of October.

These two colored cows (black and white or brown abd white) had almost disappeared.

The "Vosgiennes" or cows of the Vosges may have been imported from Scandinavia during the 17th century At the beginning of the 20th century, there were a lot of these cows in Alsace but their number decreased rapidly especially after the two world wars. And at the end of the fourties, they weren't anymore in the official catalogue of the French species.

But some young people who liked these strong cows, started breedings again and now the "Vosgiennes" are back where they belong.

At the Salzbach, the "Vosgiennes" have always been a part of the farm. You can't miss them, just listen to the bell of the leading cow and you'll see all of them having a good time ! At the moment, 30 milch cows and 50 heifers are up in the moutains.

The milk they produce is used for the Munster cheese, the Bargkass and the butter. You can eat these products at the farm or buy them to enjoy at home.